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An Indian - Australian mother wins two national awards

Arpana Patel with her kids. Source: Supplied by: Arpana Patel

Arpana Patel, a single mum of two cum entrepreneur, has been awarded gold and bronze awards in the Business to Business Services and Multicultural category at the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards.

Arpana Patel from Maribyrnong in Victoria has won two awards at the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards.

The founder of AveSol Accounting Services, Arpana, was awarded a gold award in the Business to Business Services category and a bronze in the Multicultural category. The awards have recognised the success of Immigrant mothers and their flourishing business ventures.

In her conversation with SBS Gujarati, she said, "4000 applicants applied for this prestigious award and I felt blessed to be part of 200 finalists so winning was a bonus."

Arpana Patel wins two national awards in Australia.
Arpana Patel wins two national awards in Australia.
Supplied by Arpana Patel

Starting own business 

Arpana’s endeavour on becoming a businesswoman started seven years ago when she finalised her divorce and had to support her two children.

She said, “I had no financial and family support since my family resides in New Zealand. Thus, I decided to start my own business to get income.”

My eldest is autistic and needed extra care, and business was the best route to have a work-life balance

“The journey was filled with hardships and difficulties, especially the first three years. However, eventually, it got better, and I started getting clients”, She mentions, her entire clientele is based on word-of-mouth appreciation. 

Encourages women to create their own identity 

Arpana states that women must have their own identity and be self-sufficient even though their partners earn well.

“We often settle with a financial dependency that comes with staying home and taking care of children while our husband goes out to work and is the main income earner for the family. But when adversity hits you, you realise  how critical it is to prioritise yourself, your career and your education.” 

She further added, “I have noticed Gujarati women aren't comfortable talking about financial matters in their household and often leave that to their husbands", which Arpana feels leads to many problems for women.

Women should be equipped with the proper knowledge of money and finances and should know what is going on in their household.

Work-Life balance

Arpana mentions, “Accountants had a hectic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our clients had a lot of questions about job-keeper and cash flow; we had to support them and give them free consultations throughout the year.”

She adds, “Both my sons were mindful enough to follow the set routine and made it much easier for me to work from home.”

Arpana Patel at home with her two sons
Arpana Patel with her two sons.
Arpana Patel

Today, Arpana feels her life is good. “I have got my work-life balance. I work 20 hours a week and, the rest of the time is dedicated to my sons”, she ended.

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