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App offers free legal advice to international students in seven languages

International students studying in Australia

International students can now get free legal advice through an app that offers information in seven languages. Known as My Legal Mate, it helps students know their rights when it comes to finding a job and accessing housing. It also offers advice about handling disputes with education providers and provides support for anyone dealing with sexual assault.

Free legal advice in the form of a mobile app is now available to international students in New South Wales as a result of a collaboration between the state government and the Redfern Legal Centre. 

It offers advice in English, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese courtesy of more than 3,000 videos. 

The app focuses on four key areas: employment law, housing, disputes with education providers and sexual assault.

The app is offered to education providers on an annual subscription which allows students to access the information free of charge. 

It was first offered at Macquarie University in October. 

To hear the full report, click on the audio link above.

If you or someone you know is affected by sexual assault, support is available from 1800 RESPECT which is 1800 737 732 or online at

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