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Are Australian business leaders authentic and ethical?

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Dr Brad Nikolic says that having a rulebook in place at an organization does not ensure the delivery of leadership expectations or its effectiveness.

Despite a substantial body of knowledge around the construct of leadership effectiveness, achieving it in practice remains relatively rare and elusive in Australia.


Dr Brad Nikolic, of RMIT University, is an expert in organizational behavior, business ethics and leadership issue.


Dr Brad Nikolic
Dr Brad Nikolic
Brad Nikolic


He says - “modern business organisations attempt to provide leadership and organisational effectiveness through a range of policy and procedural statements, role descriptions, key performance indicators and other documents like codes of conduct, etc.”


“These are intended to guide and even direct leadership thinking and behaviours as well as organisational practices and protocols,” adds Dr Nikolic.


However, it can be seen, that having a rulebook in place does not ensure the delivery of leadership expectations or effectiveness.


In addition to this dilemma, Dr Nikolic told SBS Hindi that “many organisations are aware and understand that there is a need for leadership to be delivered that is also ethically based.”


Are Australian business leaders ethical?


“Unfortunately not!” adds Dr Nikolic.


What is unethical leadership and what’s its effect?


Dr Nikolic says - “leadership delivery that is in any way flawed, is incongruent between personal or organisational belief statements, contains unethical considerations or even questionable decision-making, generates doubt and/or suspicion concerning leadership effectiveness.”


If businesses and leaders are not ethical, Dr Nikolic says - "sooner or later they will increasingly fast-track their own downfall."


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What is the expectation of the contemporary society of their leaders?


Dr Nikolic believes that to deliver higher standards of leadership and striving for both profitability and long-term organisational success, “business leaders should demonstrate authentic leadership with ethical decision-making.”


“When authentic leadership is embedded in every day leadership practice, my research found a heightened willingness of staff to go the extra mile, increased cooperative behaviours among colleagues, higher levels of commitment towards the organization and staff performed their job tasks more effectively,” adds Dr Nikolic.


To know more about authentic and ethical leadership, its implications and significance, creating a positive impact on employees and ways to improve workplace climate, listen to Amit Sarwal’s conversation with Dr Brad Nikolic.