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Are Australians ready to boycott banks that do unethical banking?

Banks Source: AAP

A new poll by aid group Oxfam Australia tells you more about what to do against banks behaving badly!

A new poll by aid group Oxfam Australia shows Australians are prepared to take a stand against banks behaving badly.

The survey, examining the attitudes of a thousand people towards Australian banks and ethical investment, shows three out of four respondents think banks shouldn't provide loans to companies behaving in an unethical way.

Oxfam says almost half the people they polled would consider changing banks --  if they found out the institution operated unethically.

Oxfam Australia's Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke is calling on banks to commit to Zero Tolerance for Land Grabs, including being transparent about their links to agricultural land deals, committing to increased due diligence, advocating responsible financing and supporting justice for affected communities.

Over the past two years, 20 thousand Australians have signed a petition to call for a Zero Tolerance for Land Grabs, with another 18 thousand people directly writing to their bank.