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Australia’s favourite time pass is calling you!

Masala Football Club Source: Masala Football Club

Masala Football Club is ready to provide opportunity at training and game to encourage participation and reach new players.

Starting with mere four members, Masala Football Club was born in 2013.

Today, this young club has grown enormously to reach the magic number of fifty plus with two teams of twenty-two players each.

As the name suggests – ‘Masala’ – this club is a potent mixture of different spices that is nationalities!

The club is built on the idea of introducing young migrants to Australian Rules Football – Australia’s favourite time pass.

The players teach asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and also Australian locals to play Australia's favourite time pass game.

Tarak Shah, the President of Masala Football Club says - “For us this club is about building a community and provide an opportunity to migrants to participate, learn, network, and grow in Australia.”

AFL in India is also growing with some state level teams adds Tarak.

The only problem at Masala Football Club is member and volunteer numbers!

As the club is solely based on volunteers, it is now seeking Indian community’s support.

Tarak says that the club needs players and local sponsors.

They are ready to expand to Western suburbs where a sizeable number of Indian-Australian population exists.

The club is ready to provide opportunity at training and game to encourage participation and reach new players.

Tarak says with Masala Football Club we can help build true sportsmanship and a vibrant Australian multicultural community.

To know more about, Masala Football Club, listen to Amit Sarwal'a conversation with Tarak Shah.


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