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Australian Waler horses in India

Walers Source: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Did you know that British officers and Indian princes played Polo on Australian Waler horses under the shadow of Tajmahal?

In the 19th century, a sturdy breed of Australian horses was bred by mixing Arab, Spanish and Welsh horses. Popularly known as ‘Walers’, these horses became the vehicle on which British Raj trotted in India.   

In 1844, around 74 waler horses were exported from Sydney to Madras. These were sold at Rs 600 – Rs 700 almost double the usual price.

Walers played an important role in British cavalry and police, especially during the revolt of 1857.

Indian kings and prince used these magnificent horses to play Polo. 

In 1930s, playing under the shadow of the wonderful Tajmahal, Sir Charles Gairdner (former Governor of Western Australia and Tasmania) captained the British Polo team and noted: “The Indians were far too good for us on the whole. They were very, very good individual players and they had very good ponies and the pick of the Australian horses.”