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Baked peaches with ricotta

Baked Peaches with Ricotta

We start the New Year with a sweet yet healthy recipe for baked peaches with ricotta. Angela Nicolettou has the details.

Baked peaches with ricotta


Peaches or other stone fruit

1 cup ricotta cheese

2 tbs finely diced orange spoon sweet peel (or other spoon sweet of choice)

2 tbs syrup from spoon sweet, plus extra to drizzle

Flaked almonds, toasted (to garnish)


Heat oven to 180C.

Cut fruit in half and remove the stone. Place flat side down on a tray lined with baking paper. Bake until the fruit begins to soften.

To make ricotta whip, place ricotta and syrup in a bowl and whip until creamy (use an electric mixer for this). Fold through the diced orange peel. Place in a piping bag and pipe onto the baked fruit. Drizzle with extra syrup and sprinkle with toasted almonds.

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