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Bangladeshi student Arifa wants to work for the persons with disability once she finishes study in Australia

Source: Reuters

Australia is an attractive country for students from all over the world to study. In addition to improved education and accommodation, part-time work is also available in Australia. So, like many other countries, Australia has become a popular destination for many Bangladeshi students. Ms Arifa Jahan Ema, a Bangladeshi student of Monash University speaks to SBS Bangla about her study experiences and future goal once she completes her study in Australia.

Bangladeshi student Arifa Jahan Ema is doing M.Phil (also known as 'Masters by Research') at Monash University in Australia. She is pursuing this course, receiving a scholarship under the Australian Government's Australia Awards program. This is a project of the Australian Government through which to create skilled leaders in various fields for different countries.

Arifa completed a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy from an educational institution in Bangladesh, run by an NGO called CRP, the organization works for the people with disability. She was awarded the Australia Awards scholarship based on her work experience and educational qualifications.

Currently she is doing a study on students suffering from spinal cord injury and she wants to work in the policy making phase in Bangladesh, utilizing the results and experience of this study.

Bangladeshi Community Bangladeshi Student Arifa Jahan Ema
Bangladeshi Student Arifa Jahan Ema

The reason for choosing Melbourne to study, she said, was the Australian teachers among the teachers who were teaching in Bangladesh, and she was encouraged by them, and the weather in Australia is quite suitable for her. At the same time, the quality of higher education in Australia is good enough.

Ms Arifa said she had no inconvenience when she came to study in Melbourne, but because she was away from Melbourne City, she had to get some momentum to get an accommodation next to her campus. But she was able to resolve it soon.

She said that the multicultural environment of Australia is very good to her, as students from many countries are her friends.

Apart from Melbourne, Arifa has traveled to Canberra and Sydney, and she noted that each city has its own unique features that makes it very enjoyable.

Arifa is working as a Research Assistant in addition to studying; she also said that she secured contact with the Student Club and the Bangladeshi community when she has spare time.

She likes to go for leisure time. Describing herself as a sea-lover, her place of residence is mainly in the beach area, and she enjoys wandering around. Besides, she also spends time in photography, reading books and drawing pictures.

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