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Beware of myths about Australian academic life for international students

A building at the University of New South Wales campus in Sydney, Australia. Source: AP

Common Myths: "Only arrange first semester's fee in advance and remaining semesters fees will be covered by working, We can eventually learn English in an English speaking country, No one cares for grades after graduation when applying for the job". Student advisors agreed that most of these are myths and an intended student should gather in-depth knowledge about studies and life in Australia far before landing here.

Student advisors and graduate students agreed that a few of the primary issues of dropout or frustrated students are related to lack of knowledge about courses, misconception about the cost and lack of diversified networking. 

If you, your friend, peer or any relative is already in Australia as an international student or someone is intending to arrive Australia as an International student then feel free to share the information. Click the speaker icon on the top to listen expert advice in detail.

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