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Big smile, bright eyes and a brilliant voice – Meet talented singer Swaroopa

Swaroopa Source: Swaroopa

Swaroopa always knew that she wanted to be a singer.

Swaroopa's dad asked - "What would you like to become when you grow up?"

She said with her big smile, bright eyes and an attitude filled with joy - "a playback singer!"

While everyone else around her dropped their faces with anxiety. Yes, that was Swaroopa Asha at the age of three. 

A Registered Nurse by qualification, Swaroopa currently works as a Practice Manager in Melbourne.

She handles two medical centres in Melbourne as well as doing Live shows almost every weekend with her own band “Just add Fire”. 

Swaroopa admits her extremely optimistic outlook towards life, a nature lover and her passion for her music has always helped her overcome the hardship that life has thrown upon her. 

"Somebody told me that all we need in life is some sort of passion. It makes life way too easier - which indeed is true! Hadn't it been for my singing passion I would have never been the person I am today or maybe I might not have lived my life for this long. Music is in me and it’s not a hobby," says Swaroopa. But also believes that everything happens for a reason and if you trust yourself the path and the reasons will slowly unfold on its own.

Swaroopa always knew that she wanted to be a singer.

The idea was implanted in her head ever since she heard her idols Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle on All India Radio. More than an idea it was an instinct, she knew she belong there.

She sang along while listening to the radio in the laps of Himalayas in Jomsom, Nepal.

Despite her intense passion for music, Swaroopa couldn't pursue her career in singing as early as she expected from her life. 

Hailing from a very strict, over protective Nepalese family and being the only daughter was never an easy path for her singing career.

However, this never stopped the singer from learning the art of singing. 

Today she is very thankful to her parents and for whatever has happened in her life. “Hadn’t it been for my background and my parents I would have never been the person I am today and I am a proud me today”.

In last two and half years she has performed in more than a dozen of concerts and sung with some of the big names of Nepalese music industry as well as some Bollywood giants like Udit Narayan, Jolly Mukherjee and has performed live orchestra under the guidance of the legendry music directors Mr. Pyarelal Sharma from “ Laxmikant Pyarelal duo “ at the Shamukhananda Hall in Mumbai.

Swaroopa now thinks that she is ready to record her own cover song. 

She recently met Vibhor Pandit at a concert and then Mohit Pandit.

At the moment, they have recorded “Mahiya”, composed by Mohit Pandit and written by Vibhor.

It will be released as an opening track for LiveMUDD Season 2. 

Swaroopa thinks that it’s extremely important for an artist to collaborate with the right kind of people, especially in Australia where the Indian-Australian music scene is small but steadily growing.

She says – “Mohit and Vibhor make you feel extremely comfortable and at home all the time, we work like a family. There is always a lot to learn from both of them, they keep supporting, motivating and correcting me all the time.”

“Everyone is born for a reason and I believe mine is to sing and motivate people, trust your gut instinct and follow it, it already knows what you don’t know “, she adds.

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