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Biharilal, The Australian Wanderer - When two Australians set off for India

Raj Suri, Producer-Director - Biharilal Source: Raj Suri

We talk to Raj Suri about his documentary film Bihari Lal – an Australian Wanderer.

BihariLal, The Australian Wanderer is an upcoming documentary directed and produced by Sydney based Indian-Origin filmmaker and Producer Raj Suri.

This documentary is a story which follows Australians - Charles Thomson – a yogi and an aspiring Bollywood actor - Natalie Millar and others in India and Australia.

Charles' mid-life career move from Sydney’s Balgowlah to Bollywood to pursue acting …is that a real Australian possibility? The film beautifully explores the characters' love for India and tries to find out why do these Australians want to live in India permanently…or will they?

Tune in to listen to this podcast with film's Director and Producer, Raj Suri.

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