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Boxing Day Trivia: Clothes and kitchen items, top 2 on Australians' shopping list

Boxing Day shopping Source: John Weslen Salvador

With the expected 2.75 billion dollars that Australians will spend this Boxing Day, clothes and kitchen items are on top of their shopping list to get at the Boxing Day sales.

It was in 1871 that Queen Victoria of United Kingdom officially announced that December 26 as a bank / public holiday to give gifts to the poor, but now this day is known for shopping.




  • December 26 is a special day for shopping as there are many bargains or items on sale on this day.
  • This year, 2020, clothes and kitchen items are on top of the list of what Australians want to buy according to a survey by consumer group CHOICE.
  • Boxing Day is also a special day for cricket, Sydney to Hobart yacht race at opening day for new big movies in Australia.

For Australia, in addition to shopping, December 26 is also a special day for many cricket fans as today is the start of Boxing Day Test Match between Australia and any national team of cricket touring the country during summer.

For the past 76 years, the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race begins on the 26th of December.

But due to the pandemic, this year's race, covering a distance of 630 nautical miles, between Sydney Harbor and Hobart in Tasmania was cancelled.

Boxing Day
SBS Filipino's Boxing Day Trivia game winner John Weslen Salvador
Supplied by J. Salvador

In SBS Filipino today, we held our first Boxing Day Trivia Game. We had Divine Samson and John Weslen Salvador as competitors.

Mr. Salvador won, answering correctly 2 of the 3 questions we had. International student John Weslen works for one of the largest companies in affordable household goods, toys, clothing and others.

He also likes to shop but on this Boxing Day, he chose to work as the pay is double because of the public holiday.


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