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Budget 2022: What has been offered ?

Source: SBS

The Budget is projecting a 103.6 billion dollar improvement in the underlying cash balance over the next five years.Josh Frydenberg says it will come in lower than what was forecast.

Main point in this budget



The Treasurer says the Coalition is committed to continued funding of Medicare, with an investment of 133 billion dollars over four years.

 The Government has increased funding for hospitals by nearly ten billion dollars since the last budget, up to just over 28 billion dollars.

 It’s forecasted that investment in hospitals will increase to nearly 33 billion by the 2025-26 financial year.

 The Government is planning to increase investment in the regions, including reducing the cost of vital MRI services, increasing the number of medical Commonwealth Supported Places available at rural campuses, and investing nearly 60 million dollars in the iconic Royal Flying Doctor Service,

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will see an investment of 2.4 billion dollars and the introduction of treatments for breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, severe eczema, asthma, human immunodeficiency virus infection and heart failure.

A further 650 million dollars will go towards the existing Mental Health and Suicide Prevention plan, where the total investment has grown to nearly 3 billion dollars

The Government is also investing more than 4.6 billion dollars to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

And as Australia learns to live with COVID, the Government is spending over 55 million dollars on encouraging people to resume having their regular health checks, diagnostic screening, and other preventive health activities.



 The Government is investing nearly 35 million dollars to improve access to high-quality mental health, suicide prevention, and social and emotional wellbeing services for Indigenous and migrant communities.

 Nearly 18 million dollars will go towards delivering dedicated mental health support to multicultural communities in Australia.

 That includes ten million dollars of top-up funding for a program supporting humanitarian entrants and survivors of torture and trauma.

 Another eight million goes towards ensuring translation services are available, removing a barrier to accessing these mental health support for Australians whose primary language may not be English.


 The Government is investing $46.7 million to strengthen suicide prevention activities in local communities across the country.

 Thirty million dollars goes towards deploying regional and community-based suicide prevention systems to identify and respond early to emerging issues.

 As part of the plan, Suicide Prevention Regional Response Leaders will be appointed at a cost of ten million dollars.


Four million dollars will go towards two years of funding for the Suicide Prevention Research Fund, expanding on existing research into suicide prevention.


 The Government has introduced funding for a new Women’s Health package.

 The 333 million dollars allocated will provide a variety of health services, including support for women who suffer a miscarriage or still birth.

 As was revealed in the last few days, there is new support for women with endometriosis, with the establishment of specialist clinics.

 The Budget also promises greater access to breast and cervical cancer screenings.


 The Government has pledged to always fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

 The Budget papers reveal the cost of assistance to people with a disability will increase by nearly ten percent over the next five years because of an increasing number of people with disability entering the N-D-I-S.

 Over the past 12 months, the Government has provided nearly 40 billion dollars extra to support the continued implementation of the NDIS.


 The government is estimated to provide $16.2 million for Indigenous health spending to the states and territories in 2022-23.

 The funding aims to combat blood-borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections in the Torres Strait, improving trachoma control services, and rheumatic fever and heart disease.

 From 2021 to 2026, support for Indigenous health will total $56.9 million.

 And $22.4 million will be invested over six years to support healthcare in the Northern Territory.


 The government is investing $408.8 million into remote housing in communities in the Northern Territory over four years.

Around $185 million is allocated for 2021-22, with the remaining $223.8 million for 2022-2023. It’s expected to address overcrowding, homelessness, poor housing conditions and severe housing shortages.

The funding would support new houses, housing refurbishments and other housing-related infrastructure.

 It also provides incentives to establish more sustainable housing systems in remote Indigenous communities.

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