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Business mantras from the founder of CarAdvice

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Source: AAP

Alborz Fallah's business was recently sold to Channel Nine for $35 million.

Millionaire founder of the CarAdvice website Alborz Fallah is passing on some of his hard-learnt lessons.

After recently selling the consumer advice site, he now mentors others with a love for cars trying to get a foothold in the business.

Doing business his way, Alborz Fallah likes his foot on the accelerator -- even if it means the occasional crash - "I've always loved cars, my parents could tell even as a kid I could name all that drove past." 

A decade ago the start-up cost for his CarAdvice auto blog was $25.

Alborz Fallah's business was recently sold to Channel Nine for $35 million - "Surprised? I'm always surprised that something I started ten years ago got this far, so every day I wake up I'm surprised, yeah."

The 31 year-old started business online young, with little help.

Now he gives back some of what he's learnt, mentoring a young university journalism student from Hong Kong, Toby Leung (long) - "Why cars? I've been a car nut since I was two months old. My first toy was a little blue toy car and I fell in love. I wanted to be a car designer, car salesman, then last year looked into car photography."

Alborz Fallah's mantra is fail early and fail often so when a dream job or project comes along, the hard lessons have already been learnt.

Toby Leung has already picked up some tips - "Work hard and you only get lucky once in your whole life.  I heard he failed 17 times to get up his business, but succeeded eventually and he's quite young, quite inspiring."

Alborz Fallah was child migrant from Iran but success also drew the wrong kind of attention - "As recently as a few years ago I had people throw a bottle at my car and tell me to go back to Muslim. I had to laugh at that, it's quite funny because of the ignorance of it I suppose. I'm not even a Muslim, I'm an atheist by upbringing."

Unperturbed, another of Alborz Fallah's mottos is: if you don't ask, you don't get - "We needed to convince more manufactures to give us their cars to test and that's quite challenging when you're in your 20s and asking for cars worth half a million dollars."

So he asked to test drive the world's fastest and most expensive car, the Bugati Veyron.

The video became Alborz Fallah's calling card, a trick Toby Leung's already picked up - "I needed a really nice car to shoot to get nice content for my portfolio, so I Facebook messaged Alborz can I shoot your car? It looks really nice. He said why not, he gave me an opportunity, liked my work, I think."