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Call for people with type 2 diabetes to join Australia’s Health Revolution

Indigenous exercise physiologist Ray Kelly Source: Supplied

Australia's Health Revolution is a new three-part documentary series for SBS TV that'll be hosted by popular UK presenter and journalist Dr Michael Mosley and Australian Indigenous diabetes educator and exercise physiologist, Ray Kelly.

The series' producers are looking for people all over Australia, from all backgrounds aged between 18 and 70 who have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes who want to be part of a 12 week program, following a very low energy diet designed to achieve fast weight loss and help stabilise blood sugar levels. 

The documentary will explore the big picture of type 2 diabetes in Australia, and the exciting new science behind diet and lifestyle programs that are reversing type 2 diabetes - previously considered incurable.  

What we’ve known for many years is that type 2 diabetes is both preventable and reversible

While the solution followed in the series is pretty simple-short term calorie restriction and using fresh, wholefoods as 'medicine'- presenters want to highlight that diet and lifestyle modifications aren't offered by most GPs or funded by Medicare.

Also, despite a huge body of research proving calorie restrictive diets works to reduce and reverse diabetes there is no mention of it in the government's Australian Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020.

It is this disconnect that’s compelled them to undertake a road trip that'll take them from Sydney's Inner West to Adelaide and the remote Kimberley region of WA to take the science to the people themselves.

Ray Kelly says that the program cannot come soon enough as Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing condition in the Western world yet it is both preventable and reversible.

“What we’ve known for many years is that type 2 diabetes is both preventable and reversible.”

Across 3 episodes, Ray Kelly and Dr Mosley will aslo shed a light on confronting health disparities and complexities of diabetes risk and prevalence in Australia.

At times they’ll explore confronting issues asking why diabetes death and hospitalisation rates are twice as high in remote areas than in major cities and why Australians are losing a staggering 4400 limbs to diabetes-related amputations every year.

Ray Kelly has been running a health program across Australia around the same principles as Dr Michal Mosley in the UK with great success covering some of the toughest areas and working closely with Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS).

“We can turn blood sugar levels within seven days. It is really a matter of days and weeks to really transform someone form going toward the massive complications that come with type 2 diabetes and heart disease and turning them to becoming much healthier,” Ray Kelly said.

Ray Kelly is encouraging families and individual from all backgrounds, especially of Indigenous ancestry, to participate in the program.

“The tougher and complicated your condition is, the more you are encouraged to apply,” Ray  Kelly says.

Applications close on January 19. Successful applicants will be filmed intermittently over 3 months from late March 2020.  Applications can be made here and here.

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