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Can you find a life-partner through local community Facebook page?

matrimonial Source: Getty Images

When all traditional networks that can help get a life-partner closed down, Naresh posted a short matrimonial message on his local Indian community Facebook page. What was the reaction to his message? Was he successful in getting attention from prospective bride's parents?

In today’s fast pace technology-driven world, many couples have met through social media.

Traditionally, Indian community settled in Australia has relied on word-of-mouth and matrimonial websites.

The new generation, is looking for love online through dating sites or mobile dating apps.

A new trend is emerging – to look for a life-partner through community pages on Facebook.

Recently, Naresh, a 31-year-old Melbourne-based Indian-Australian posted a sweet and simple message in his local community Facebook page.  

Naresh, like many others from his home-state Punjab, migrated to Australia as a student and finally got a full-time job and citizenship here.

But, in his struggle to settle-down in Australia, Naresh couldn’t find time and a right life-partner.

Initially positive towards online dating, he tried Tinder – an online dating app!

But, he soon realised that it was not meant for guys like him who are looking for long-term relationship.

Another traditional network that Naresh felt could have been useful here was the lavish India marriage ceremony.

Before the invention of social networking sites, and thanks to numerous uncles and aunties, families often selected bride or groom during these functions without directly contacting them.

Again, this network was not available to him in Melbourne.

Soon, Naresh saw a lot of people posting advertisements on local community pages.

This gave him an idea to contact his local Indian community and Nraesh posted his message.

What was the reaction to his message? Was he successful in getting attention from prospective bride’s parents? To know more about Naresh’s experience, listen to Amit Sarwal’s conversation with interview.