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Cancer care: Duhok's main treatment centre holds open day

Shimon Khnanisho and his son and Ms. Nada Ibrahim Source: naseem.jpg

Naseem Sadiq visited the Duhok Centre for Blood Diseases and Cancer Treatment on its open day designed to raise awareness of the services provided by the centre which are mostly free and supported by the KRG government.

Mr Sadiq met Dr Afrasyab Mosa, Director-General of Dohuk Health Directorate, who discussed the services provided by the centre.

Duhok Centre for blood disease
Dr. Afrasyab Mosa Director General of Dohuk Health

Also in this report, Mr Sadiq speaks to Shomon Khananicho, father of one of the children who have Thalassemia condition and is regularly admitted to the centre to receive treatment.

Mr Khnanicho with his son who has Thalassemia

Centre manager, Dr Hassan Abdullah Aswad, talked about the services and opening hours. 

Dr. Hassan Abdullah Aswad

Nada Gorges Ibrahim regularly visits patients, especially children with blood disorders and cancer, and tries to lift their spirits by presenting them with gifts and flowers.

She said that it was her most joyful moments when she saw patients feeling happy and appreciating the gifts and flowers. She said she was determined to continue with her support and donations for the needy and sick children.

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