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Career counsellor's expert tips for navigating job market for migrants in Australia

Geetanjali Gaba, a Melbourne based career trainer / Getty Source: Supplied by Ms Gaba

Melbourne-based career counsellor Geetanjali Gaba talks about evergreen jobs in Australia, ways to navigate the crowded job market and provides tips for getting back to work after a career gap in an interview with SBS Punjabi.

"With the constantly changing world, the idea of sticking with one career for the rest of your life has become a thing of the past," says Geetanjali Gaba, alias Geet Arora, an experienced career counsellor based in Melbourne.

Apart from being a career trainer, she is also a community worker who has founded a not for profit organisation called the Australian Multicultural Women Association (AMWA). The organisation provides free assistance to migrant women to build a career, develop skills or start a new business.

Ms Gaba, who arrived in Australia in 2009, says she never stops learning or acquiring multiple skills at a time.


  • Melbourne-based career counsellor Geetanjali Gaba talks about pathways to secure a career in Australia
  • Ms Gaba says tips on getting back to work after a job gap

Ms Gaba says the first step towards a successful career is to be clear about what you want to achieve. 

"Secondly, whether you have a job or wish to restart your career, it is imperative to polish your skills," she says.

career counsellor
A representative image of job seekers before an interview.

Ms Gaba emphasises the importance of continuous learning and education.

"You don't have to possess the apparent skills - you can learn a language or something different as you never know what talent will come handy in this country. But never stop improving yourself."

Local experience or local qualification is what Australian employers seek

Ms Gaba says that people often don't know anything about the organisation they are applying to. Therefore, you must ensure that your CV matches with the job requirement and selection criteria," she explains.

On some of the evergreen job sectors in Australia, Ms Gaba says that the Australian healthcare and childcare industry is always looking out for workers.

Restarting your career after a gap

"Getting back to work after a long break can be challenging, but due to the wide variety of professions available, job opportunities are always there in this country.

"Employees can also access government's skill-based funding to refresh or acquire a new skill based on eligibility criteria," she advises.

Ms Gaba suggests that those who want to switch to a new career must do so following the current market demand.


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