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Chicken with peas

Chicken with peas Source: supplied by Angela Nicolettou

Try this versatile and flavoursome dish where the taste of the succulent chicken cooked in a rich tomato sauce permeates the vegetables. Lifted by the aromas of fresh herbs, the simplicity of this dish has placed it among the favourites of Greek cuisine. Angela Nicolettou has the details.

Chicken and pea stew  (Kotopoulo me araka)


1 whole chicken cut into pieces

1 onion, diced

500g frozen or fresh peas

1 can diced tomatoes

500g potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks (nicola or other waxy potatoes work well)

½ cup parsley, roughly chopped

½ cup dill, roughly chopped

¾ cup extra virgin olive oil


In a heavy based saucepan add half the oil and brown the chicken pieces in batches and set aside. Add the onions until soft and return the chicken to the pot. Add the tomatoes, potatoes, two cups of hot water and season. Simmer until chicken and potatoes are cooked (you may need to add more hot water). Add the peas and cook until softened. Add the parsley and dill and check seasoning. 

You can add more veggies such as carrots, artichokes and zucchinis. It pairs well with fennel root, thinly sliced and added to the pot with the potatoes.

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