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Climate Change warriors in the Philippines lead the campaign for a greener future

Founder and Former US Vice President Al Gore with Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders during the 2016 Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in Manila Source: supplied Climate Reality Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Countries big and small all need to work together in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many areas in the Philippines for example, continue to experience flooding while coastal areas are continuously at risk of disappearing due to continued rise in sea level.

While many would say flooding and typhoons aren’t new to the Philippines, experts say it is getting worse with typhoons entering the Philippine area of responsibility with greater intensity and leaving the country with greater damage.

In the Philippines, The Climate Reality Project is one of the environmental organizations leading the way to a more environmentally friendly future. Founded by Noble Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, Climate Reality Philippines is one of eleven branches around the world working independently while collaborating globally to find climate solutions.

Environmental Laws aren’t utilised

The Philippines is fully equipped with policies and legislation ensuring environmental protection and climate-friendly solutions. However, implementation of these laws are either poor or none at all.  Climate Reality Philippines Branch Manager Nazrin Castro says “for more than 20 years the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act  has been around, it’s just a matter of properly implementing it.” Climate  Reality Philippines has found that the Philippines isn’t lacking in policies and legislation,  The Renewable Energy Act of 2008 has been around for some time but very few are aware of it and its significance.

Also, no one is ensuring that these policies are in place. “What we lack is literacy, most people don’t know these laws exist,” says Nazrin “we are also poor in implementing them.”



  • Filipinos have a low level of climate literacy
  • Temperatures are rising which is greatly affecting agriculture and food security 
  • The Philippines is equipped with policies and legislation but remains poor in terms of implementation 


climate change, emissions target, Filipino News, COP26
Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders in Los Banos, Laguna, following their Adopt-A-Seedling Donation Drive launched on 2021 World Environment Day.
supplied Climate Reality Philippines

Investing in power of the future generation

Currently, there is a low level of public awareness of climate change; but there is hope. The younger generation has become more aware and vigilant. Climate Reality Philippines has an army of around 1,200 Climate Reality Leaders around the country who are all eager to “promote renewable energy, sustainable urban mobility, and other development approaches in pursuit of genuine and lasting climate resilience for the country”  

The private and public sectors working with the younger generation are working at looking into solutions. Climate Reality Philippines’ Branch Manager Nazrin Castro explains “the problem lies in communicating to the fisherfolk, farmers what is climate change” she adds “what is the best way to communicate climate change? Because currently, everyone’s understanding isn’t as comprehensive as we would  like it to be or as it should be.”

The environment advocate says ”it isn’t communicated enough in terms of how climate change affects our agriculture, our health systems and connect it more to changing weather events but despite this, we see younger Filipinos  who have a higher-level awareness, the students and young professionals who can eventually make a difference in the future.”

They are the volunteers who by 2030 will become the adults, our future leaders, they have more at stake. Our current efforts are directed towards them by giving them the tools, the information in communicating climate change. Their innovation, their creativity will give us the tools on how we can solve the climate crisis,” says Nazrin Castro.

climate change, emissions target, Filipino News, COP26
The Climate Reality Project Philippines have more than a thousand young Climate Reality Leaders leading the campaign for a better and greener future
supplied Climate Reality Philippines

Commercialism, buying power and the pandemic has led to a more wasteful economy

 The capacity to spend more, with increased purchasing power has also led many to unnecessary purchases coupled with waste. Online purchases have also resulted in more things ending up in landfills.

“A simple online purchase will include packaging which will undoubtedly end up in the landfill.” Nazrin Castro adds “while the older generation is more careful with what they buy and how they dispose of unwanted items, today we easily throw them out in the bin”.     

The COVID-19 pandemic is also a culprit. Disposable face masks and face shields made up of plastic are making their way to the landfill.

“We did this audit with the youth cluster, we found that many utilize online deliveries be it food or clothing and their packaging will undoubtedly end up in the landfill.” Climate Reality’s Nazrin Castro adds “it’s a sad reality, while we want to provide more climate action. We have this reality, this pandemic that would require us to use more resources that are not environmentally sustainable.”



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