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Cut-off points for high demand occupations is increasing

Australia set to introduce new pathway to permanent residency and regional settlement for overseas workers in September. Source: SBS

New applicants looking into lodging their Expression of Interest (EOI) need higher points to secure an invite for the next round.

Recent invitation round results show more invitations are issued to those who have scored 85 points.

High demand occupations including accounting, engineering, and IT professionals now require a minimum of 85 to 95 points to obtain an invitation. 

Jess Icao, solicitor and registered migration agent says, it has become more difficult for new migrants, specifically international students to obtain an invitation to apply.

“We have clients who took Masters in Accounting, and they say they are struggling to get 90 points."

Below is a table of high-demand occupations in the 11 June invitation round.

June 2019 invitation round results
Invitation rounds are anticipated to run on the 11th day of each month. Dates for the rounds are subject to change.
Home Affairs website

Visa processing backlog

The Home Affairs department is facing a backlog of visa applications, prompting them to keep the SkillSelect EOI invitations to 100.

"Last May, Home Affairs has sent out 100 invitations to apply for Skilled Independent visa. Currently, they are facing a backlog in visa processing-about 12,300 for Skilled Independent Visa and about 80,000 for partner visa,”says Mr Icao.

How does the invitation process works

Applicants are ranked by points score and those who have obtained the highest points are invited to apply for the relevant visa. If two people with similar qualifications and equal points score have lodged their applications, the person who has lodged an EOI at an earlier date will be given priority.

“If you have 65 points, you are eligible to send an expression of interest [through SkillSelect]. But apparently, many of those who have attained 65 points didn't get an invitation, says Mr Icao.

Invitation numbers in each round may vary depending on the number of applications being processed by the department.


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