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Diabetes Awareness Month: Expert shares tips on timely treatment and diagnosis

Diabetes Awareness Month: Tips for preventing and managing diabetes Source: Getty Images

With November being the National Diabetes Awareness Month, SBS Punjabi spoke to dietician Simran Grover, who stressed the need for timely diagnosis and proper treatment by opting for regular screenings and identifying the early symptoms of the disease.

"Diabetes is a common health condition found in the Punjabi population and the overall Indian Subcontinent community," said Ms Grover, a Sydney based dietician.


  • The Indian community is more prone to diabetes, says dietician Simran Grover 
  • Ms Grover stressed regular screenings are essential to the early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Ms Grover said many people in the community believe that diabetes is a genetic disorder and therefore cannot affect those who do not have a family history of this health condition.

"Diabetes Type 2 is a lifestyle disease associated with the way people or a group of people live.

"So it's important to identify diabetes symptoms at an early stage so it can be effectively controlled before it progresses to the next stage," she said.  

Simran Grover
Dietician Simran Grover spoke to SBS Punjabi on World Diabetes Day.
Simran Grover

Ms Grover advised that annual check-ups on birthdays are good to keep a tab on blood sugar levels.

"One is not required to lose weight dramatically, but reducing 5 to 10% of your body weight along with some regular exercises can help control the disease."

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