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Do you know about the Safe School program?

school Source: AAP

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing pressure from MPs from both sides for the commissioning a review of the eight-million-dollar Safe-Schools program.

The Safe-Schools-Coalition is a group comprising more than 500 schools and organisations, and 15-thousand teachers, around Australia.


According to its website, the Coalition offers resources and support to staff and students with the aim of creating a safe environment for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender-diverse students, staff and families.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked the federal education minister to report back to him on the initiative, first funded by the Labor government in 2013.


Education Minister Simon Birmingham has written to his state and territory counterparts asking them to confirm parents are being consulted before schools introduce the optional program.


Opposition leader Bill Shorten says it's disgraceful that a child could fall victim to what he sees as the prime minister's failure to stand up to the right-wing (conservatives) of his party.


The Australian Education Union has described the government's investigation of the Safe-Schools program as disappointing.


Indian-origin Acting Mayor of Wyndham Council, Cr Gautam Gupta says that reviewing a program is part of government’s activity and it can help improve such programs.


Shweta, whose son has recently started school, believes that balance in education is necessary. And if information about certain issues can bring awareness and help remove discrimination it should be welcomed.


Funding to sustain the initiative is reportedly due to run out in mid-2017.