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Don't suffer in silence urges Victoria Police

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Domestic violence is a crime in Australia. Violence against women is a major welfare issue in Australia. Citing a few of cases of violence against women within the Indian community, Ash Dixit, a Senior constable and Liaison officer with Victoria Police has appealed to trust the authorities and seek help.

Mr Ash Dixit said there were many factors and barriers which stopped women reporting about this crime.  

Often women on spouse visa think they would lose rights to stay in Australia if they report about domestic violence.

“This is not true. Australian laws are there to protect them,” he said.

“Victim’s safety is always our top priority, so don’t suffer in silence,” Mr Dixit said. 

Stress comes with the territory
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Mr Dixit emphasised victims must reach out to support services or Police and get help, rather than stay with their abusive partners.

“I did like to take this opportunity to reach out to the community and appeal that please trust the authorities, recognise the abusive behaviour and seek help. Police are there to help,” he said.

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Don't suffer in silence urges Victoria Police
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In Australia, women continue to be subject to violence, which often turns fatal.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show 16 per cent of Australian women have experienced violence from a partner after the age of 15.

The incidences of violence against women are likely to be much higher than official figures, as many incidents of family violence are never reported, authorities believe.

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