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Election campaign: Investigating the housing policies of the major parties

The candidates debating Source: SBS Assyrian

The Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre has held its sixth "Meet the Candidates' Forum" in the lead-up to the federal election later this month.

The debate was held at Casula Power House Art Centre on Wednesday, 4 May. About two hundred registered guests attended this debate.

At the table, there were 11 candidates and six political parties represented across the three electorates of Fowler, Hughes & Werriwa and constituent questions covered many issues, including affordable housing, racism, employment, connection to CALD communities, and diversity representation, among others.

Candidates at the table were:

  • Jenny Ware – Liberal
  • Anne Stanley – Labour
  • Sam Kayal – Liberal
  • Apurva Shukla – Greens
  • Victor Tey – Liberal Democrats
  • Tony Nikolic – United Australia Party
  • Kristina Keneally - Labour
  • Dai Le – Independent
  • Lela Panich - United Australia Party
  • Avery Howard - Greens
  • Peter Runge – Liberal Democrats.

The debate started with members introducing themselves to the public. The MRC had three questions prepared based on the constituents of the South West Sydney seats.

The first question to all candidates was how the governments would manage the affairs of new migrants and refugees after the COVID-19 Pandemic removal of travel restrictions and the expected influx of new arrivals, particularly those settling in South West Sydney?

The second question was, What the candidates, if they win, will do to increase diversity in the Australian Parliament?

The third question was, what steps and measures the candidates will take if they win, to improve the communications between the government and the people of their constituents? 

Each candidate answered these questions according to their party's election policies and plans.

The issue that took much time in the debate was the major two parties' Housing policies in this election.

In this podcast, we will be talking to Zaia Tooma, an active member of the Liberals and former councillor of Fairfield City Council and Clr Carmen Lazar from Labour and a current member of Fairfield City Council who attended the debate. Both will outline their own party's housing policy in a simple Assyrian language.

2020 federal election
Zaia Toma (Liberals) and Carmen Lazar (Labour).
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