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Eurovision 2021 – Australia will be competing from home

Get behind Australia’s very own Montaigne as she competes in the world’s biggest song competition. Source: SBS

Jessica Alice Cerro, with the stage name Montaigne, represents Australia with her song "Technicolor"

The 65th Eurovision Song Contest kicks off in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, broadcast live and in primetime exclusively on SBS and SBS On Demand from 19 to 23 May. 

Award-winning singer-songwriter Montaigne is set to perform for Australia in front of an estimated 200 million people in Semi Final 1 with her uplifting and powerful anthem Technicolour, which she’ll sing from home this year. “I’m very excited to reveal Technicolour on the “Eurovision stage”! It’s colourful and shiny and I’m very proud of it,” said Montaigne.

Performers from 15 countries will take to the stage in Semi Final 1, including 19-year-old Tusse from Sweden, Eden Alene who will make history as Israel’s first Ethiopian representative, and fan favourite Maltese singer Destiny

Broadcast times and how to vote

For immediate results and voting along with Europe, tune into the early morning LIVE broadcasts of Semi Final 1, Semi Final 2 and the Grand Final. Check out the primetime broadcasts for fabulous Euro-themed parties around the country. There are plenty of opportunities to get behind Montaigne and join in the fun of picking favourites from the 39 competing nations, each bringing a taste of their own musical culture to the contest.

As per official Eurovision rules, viewers can vote in the Semi Final in which their country is participating, as well as the Grand Final. Viewers’ votes make up 50% of the final result. The other 50% is decided by a National Jury in each participating country. Australia’s jury will be announced soon. The jury and Australian public can vote for any country except Australia.

For Australian viewers who want to vote, you will need to tune into the LIVE broadcast of Semi Final 1 on Wednesday 19 May at 5am (AEST) and the Grand Final on Sunday 23 May at 5am (AEST), and text the numbers that appear on screen during the live broadcasts.

We echo the words of Paul Clarke, Creative Director of Eurovision – Australia Decides and Director of Blink TV: “In some ways it’s the biggest challenge we’ve ever had, to try to qualify from a distance without the incredible stage production in Rotterdam. But we’re excited with our concept, and Montaigne can really hit the notes of the song, and so we believe we’re incredibly competitive. Exciting! Please get behind her, she’s quite amazing to accept this challenge - come on Montaigne!"

LIVE early morning broadcasts: TO VOTE, tune in on Wed 19 and Sun 23 May

Semi Final 1 – Wednesday 19 May, 5am (AEST) SBS (Featuring Montaigne)

Semi Final 2 – Friday 21 May, 5am (AEST) SBS (Featuring Victoria)     

Grand Final – Sunday 23 May, 5am (AEST) SBS 

Primetime evening broadcasts

Semi Final 1 – Friday 21 May, 8.30pm (AEST), SBS (Featuring Montaigne)     

Semi Final 2 – Saturday 22 May, 8.30pm (AEST), SBS (Featuring Victoria)

Grand Final – Sunday 23 May, 7.30pm (AEST), SBS

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