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Experience artistic and cultural expression at SalamFest19

SalamFestau 2019 will held in Melbourne CBD

The sharing of traditions and building of bridges help create a harmonious community. This year's SalamFest also aims to develop local and international partnerships based on shared values and collaborative activities.

The organizers of Salamfest19 believe that conversations and sharing of traditions build bridges and helps create a harmonious community. 

SalamFest is a free festival taking place in the heart of Melbourne CBD from 29th Nov to 1st Dec 2019.

Traditional music instruments from the Muslim world will delight the audiences at Salamfest 2019

Zarmeen Hassan is an agricultural scientist and a marketer by profession and is passionate about all things food.

She is one of the volunteers of the festival and is also running the marketing campaign for the event. Zarmeen is also a henna artist and has used her art to engage with schools to build an understanding of Islam and her cultural heritage. 

She says she believes that conversations and sharing of traditions build bridges and helps create a harmonious community. 

Peace love and Compassion

Zarmeen told SBS Urdu that SalamFest is an opportunity for communities to engage and connect with everyday Muslims through the sharing of stories, values, arts, culture, and cuisine encapsulating the spirit of multiculturalism that Victoria is renowned for.

This is a Muslim arts festival that is featuring Sufi dance, folk music, plays, and recitals

"This event will bring together Muslim visual and performing arts developed over the centuries", She added.

This year's Festival is presenting Whirling Dervish, Sufi Singing, Rumi’s Recitals, Contemporary Sufi Dances, Fusion Instrumentals as well as films.

Zarmeen is confident that SalamFest2019 will help in promoting Islamic culture and traditions that are based on the universal values of love and compassion promoting peace, unity, and equality. 

We will showcase the beauty and diversity of multicultural Victoria

Highlights of this year SalamFest

  • Indigenous Yoga for the first time @FedSq
  • Whirling Dervishes for the first time @Queen Victoria Market
  • International acts from Egypt, Bahrain, and Pakistan
  • Famous Qawwal Ensemble Ustaad Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad return to SalamFest
  • Journey into the Muslim world through food Queen Vic Markets
  • Music, drumming, dances and much more from the Muslim world


Abu Muhammad and Fareed Ayaz Qawwals coming again to mesmerize the audience with their performance 

Whirling Dervishes will be performing for the first time ever at the Queen Victoria market

Rumi - Salamfests’ peace mobile. Hand painted by Sohail Yamin, a Melbourne based Pakistani origin artist



Sufi Performance

Images Courtesy of @SalamFestau

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