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Film and Politics in Tamil Nadu – Rajinikanth (Part 1)

SBS Tamil Source: SBS Tamil

The success story of Tamil actor Rajinikanth puzzles everyone - from a carpenter to a coolie, to a bus conductor, to a superstar! It is reported that Rajini is the second highest paid actor in Asia, next only to Jackie Chan. It is also estimated that he has 1.5 million registered fans (more than the population of Mauritius)! This episode attempts to understand the reasons behind the cult following of Rajinikanth. The script written by Dr Dhamu Pongiyannan from the University of Adelaide based on his recent book Film and Politics in India Cinematic Charisma as a Gateway to Political Power. Serial Part - Seven. Voicing: Dr Mahendrarajah Praveenan & Kanthimathi Thinakaran Produced by Raysel, SBS Tamil