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Film and Politics in Tamil Nadu – Rajinikanth (Part 4)

SBS Tamil Source: SBS Tamil

If ever Rajini becomes a full-time politician, what would be his ideological leanings considering his real and reel personae - Hindu majoritarianism, Hindi/Sanskrit hegemony, Brahminical dominance, superstitious fatalism or some of everything or something else? On the one hand Rajini keeps his fans guessing regarding his political entry, but on the other, he remains elusive stating that fate will determine his political trajectory. Is this a cunningly commercial strategy to make his films successful? Or is this an opportunistic game of the ageing actor to keep his fame in tact? Part Ten of the series, From Film Theatre to St George Fort, looks at these controversies surrounding the charisma of Rajini.The script written by Dr Dhamu Pongiyannan from the University of Adelaide based on his recent book Film and Politics in India Cinematic Charisma as a Gateway to Political Power. Serial Part - Ten. Voicing: Dr Mahendrarajah Praveenan & Kanthimathi Thinakaran; Produced by Raysel, SBS Tamil.