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Film and Politics in Tamil Nadu – Vijayakanth (Part 5)

SBS Tamil Source: SBS Tamil

Part Fifteen of the series, "From Film Theatre to Fort St. George", examines the socio-cultural context and cinematic circumstances out of which Vijayakanth emerged to become an alternative force in Tamil Nadu politics. With a career spanning more than 150 films, actor-politician Vijayakanth was the Leader of the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, and the founder of a political party, National Progressive Dravidian Federation (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kalagam, known as DMDK).The script written by Dr Dhamu Pongiyannan from the University of Adelaide based on his recent book Film and Politics in India Cinematic Charisma as a Gateway to Political Power. Serial Part - 15. Voicing: Dr Mahendrarajah Praveenan & Kanthimathi Thinakaran; Produced by Raysel, SBS Tamil.