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Fiona Martin seeks re-election in the seat of Reid

Member for Reid, Ms Fiona Martin (Φωτεινή Μπαρμπούτη) Source: SBS

Greek-Australian politician Fiona Martin is seeking her re-election this Saturday for the federal seat of Reid.

Ms Martin, known in Greek as Fotini Barbouti (Φωτεινή Μπαρμπούτη), was firstly elected in 2019 with the Liberal Party.

In the interview she gave to SBS Greek she elaborates on her connection with the multicultural communities, the reasons she decided to get actively into politics, and her experiences so far.

She also talks about instances where she had to go against the recommendation of her party on voting bills and how she overcame this challenge.

Furthermore, she expands on her reasoning why the Morrison government should be re-elected and lastly gives an estimations of the number of Greek-Australians in her seat.

All the candidates in the seat of Reid are:

Sally Sitou Labor

Sahar Khalili-Naghadeh FUSION: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency

WALTERS Edward Pauline Hanson's One Nation

BAINI Natalie Independent

CAMERON Andrew Liberal Democrats

MARTIN Fiona Liberal

DAOUD Jamal United Australia Party

JAGO Charles The Greens


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