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Former child star, Makisig Morales, conquers the challenges of being a young entrepreneur while starting his own family

Former 'Super Inggo' child star Makisig Morales (left photo), now happily married, ventures into a small food business with his wife Nicole. Source: Left photo: Super Inggo TV series, right photo: Nicole Morales

Popularly known for his role as a child superhero on the Philippine television series 'Super Inggo', the young star Makisig Morales now faces the challenges of being a new businessman while recently being married.

Now 23, the actor and singer moved to Sydney in 2018 to be with his wife, Nicole. The two have started a small online food business as Makisig navigate through to continue to his singing career in Australia.

He has been singing and performing in several local shows with the Filipino-Australian community since moving to Sydney.

Makisig Morales
Makisig Morales serenading his then girlfriend, now wife Nicole.
MENM Productions

But with the pandemic restricting big gatherings and events, all his upcoming shows were cancelled.

That's when Makisig and his beauty queen wife, Nicole Joson, decided to concentrate with their small online food venture, NikMak Sweet Pack.

NikMak Sweet Pack
NikMak Sweet Pack initially started with special home-made pastillas and puto bumbong being delivered to customers.
Supplied by N. Morales

Their small online venture, which started in December 2019, with selling boxes of home-made pastillas and puto bumbong in time for the Christmas season, has now expanded to cooking and delivering variety of Filipino dishes, delicacies and sweets.

Their best-sellers include rispy ulo, crispy pata and baked California roll.

The couple is hands-on in their small business. Makisig helps with all the purchases, preparations and delivery of orders, while wife, Nicole, mainly does the cooking.

Makisig Morales
Love for food. Makisig studied and took some training to become a chef.
Makisig Morales Instagram

Mr. Morales, who is professionally trained in culinary arts, enjoys every bit of doing their business with his wife and being able to share their love for food with their customers.

"We are not after the competition po, we just want to share our food with other people," reiterates Mr. Morales.

Makisig Morales
Makisig got married with Nicole Joson in January 2019.
Supplied by N. Morales

He also hopes that when the COVID-19 is over, he will be able to go back to performing and doing shows as he loves to sing. 

In fact, even before diving into acting, he would often audition for singing competitions as a young child together with his older sister Mayumi Morales. And music is a big part of his family - his parents and all his 10 other siblings all love to sing.


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