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Free music classes helping young migrants to transition into Australian high schools

Young Musicians at the Intensive English Centre Source: SBS

Music can be a useful tool for young migrants to express themselves, overcome trauma, for example from war, as well as relating to other students.

Kate Clarkson is a teacher at the I-E-C and says it acts as a bridging tool to help students transition into high school.


Kate has been teaching for 17 years and has never had any formal music teaching training, but wanted to give her students the best experience she could.


Kate says she will never leave teaching in her own style - "I don't think I'll stop singing and dancing because I think it's really valuable and the kids really love it."


Teachers like Kate are an inspiration to many others, such as Melbourne based teacher of Indian folk and Bolywood - Nildhara Nayak gadani.


Nildhara feels that Bollywood can also help connect with young migrants and refugees who are aware of its popularity.