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From stage to online, this young Filipino-Aussie will rock you with her singing

Zaebriel in one of her performances in the musical 'School of Rock' in Korea in 2019 (left photo); and singing for an online singing competition. Source: Supplied by Raissa Orayenza

From performing with the "School of Rock the musical" in South Korea last year to online singing competitions amidst the pandemic, young Filipino-Australian Zaebriel Orayenza is rocking the musical scene.

Recently, she won week 19 of the "Homegrown Superstars" competitions, Australia's first online singing competition featuring talents from around country.

"My dream is to be an international singer. All over the world I want everyone to see what I can do so I can make my name global," a straight-forward young singer says about why she keeps doing music even amid the pandemic.


  • If you are focused on reaching your dream, you will do whatever it takes that would lead to achieving it.

  • Even in the midst of the pandemic, nothing can stop Zaebriel Orayenza from her singing.

  • From the usual face-to-face events, she's now busy participating in various singing competitions online.


Last year, the young singer spent almost six months in South Korea as part of the hit-musical "School of Rock". This was the first leg of the show's international tour.

"I was part of the School of Rock musical. In Korea, we stayed from May to October, toured and performed in Seoul, Busan, Daegu. I played Tomika," shares the 12-year-old from Sydney.

School of Rock
Zaebriel Orayenza (2nd from left) in one of their performances in South Korea in May to October 2019.
School of Rock as supplied by Raissa Orayenza

She also performed in her own city as part of the musical show.

"I also performed in my home city of Sydney as part of the musical, and we did that for another 6 months," she adds.

She was also among those selected to perform in the Adelaide show in early 2020, but due to the pandemic it was hold off.

Now with the coronavirus restrictions, she's now busy participating in singing competitions online .

Zaebriel Orayenza started singing at the young age of two, but it was a surreal experience for her to participate in online competitions.

"It was a great experience because I get to see different talents all over Australia. It's a new experience for me because I haven't really done any online competitions, 'coz it's usually face-to-face, normal competition on stage."

"It's more comfortable for me because I don't have to go out of my house and get changed and be nervous infront of people," the young lass furthers.

Zaebriel Orayenza
Zaebriel Orayenza's self-titled album, featuring her single 'We are love', which is partially in Filipino language, was released in 2018 prior to her first concert.
Facebook/Raissa Orayenza

Since she formal singing lessons when she was 7,  the Sydney-girl has already released her own self-titled album, written a couple of her own songs, and has won various singing competitions.

And her advise for young people like her who loves to sing, "I want you to strive and follow your dream and no matter what happens, I want you to hold on, things will get better and do not give up".


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