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"Gomorrah" on SBS World Movies

An iconic scene from 2008's Neapolitan masterpiece, 'Gomorrah'.

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Friday at 7.30pm on SBS - Italy's Invisible Cities

Using the latest 3D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover 2,500 years of hidden history in Naples, from its earliest Greek and Roman origins. They explore how the volcano of Mount Vesuvius both nurtured the region and exacted a terrible price on the local population. Plus, they delve into a labyrinth of fascinating underground spaces that helped build and sustain the city.

Italy's Invisible Cities - Naples
Italy's Invisible Cities - Naples

Friday at 9.20pm on World Movies - Gomorrah

Based on the book by Roberto Saviano, this is an inside look at Italy's modern-day crime families, told through the stories of five individuals who think they can make their own compact with the Camorra. Winner of the Grand Prize at Cannes in 2008, and five European Film Awards, including Best Film. Directed by Matteo Garrone and stars Gianfelice Imparato, Salvatore Abruzzese and Toni Servillo.

Tony Servillo (Gomorra)
Tony Servillo (Gomorra)

Friday at 11.00pm on Viceland - Cycling: La Vuelta 2019 Live Stage 19

Live coverage of the 2019 La Vuelta a Espana, Spain's Grand Tour cycling race. International Cycling 2019.

Vuelta a Espana 2019, Stage 14, Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett

Saturday at 8.30pm on SBS - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

In 1970s England, the head of MI6, Control, dispatches an agent to meet with a Hungarian general who knows the identity of a Soviet spy in the organisation's ranks. However, the mission goes wrong and the general dies before he can reveal the information. Undersecretary Oliver Lacon calls veteran agent George Smiley back from forced retirement to ferret out the mole and stop the flow of vital British secrets to the Russians. Stars Gary Oldman, John Hunt, Mark Strong, Simon McBurney.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Gary Oldman - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
SBS Movies

Saturday at 10.30pm on Viceland - Cycling: La Vuelta 2019 Live Stage 20

Live coverage of the 2019 La Vuelta a Espana, Spain's Grand Tour cycling race. International Cycling 2019.

Sunday at midnight on Viceland - Cycling: La Vuelta 2019 Live Stage 21

Live coverage of the 2019 La Vuelta a Espana, Spain's Grand Tour cycling race. International Cycling 2019.

La Vuelta
La Vuelta

Wednesday at 8.30pm on Viceland - Cheap Thrills

Craig's rough day leads him to a seedy pub where he bumps into an old friend, Vince. While celebrating their chance reunion over a few drinks, they encounter a wealthy couple who tempt the friends into a series of challenges, each with a reward of money to the winner. It's simple at first, but the lucrative game quickly escalates and soon the friendship and morality of Craig and Vince are tested as the challenges dramatically go off the rails.

Cheap Thrills
Cheap Thrills

Wednesday at 5.45pm on World Movies - What We Did On Our Holiday

Doug and Abi take their kids on a family vacation. Surrounded by relatives, the kids innocently reveal the ins and outs of their family life and many intimate details about their parents. It's soon clear that when it comes to keeping a big secret under wraps from the rest of the family, their children are their biggest liability. Find out how the rest of the family cope and see if the holiday will ever end.

What We Did On Our Holiday
What We Did On Our Holiday

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