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Greek News Flash - Friday 24.12.21

News Flash in Greek. Source: SBS Radio

The main news headlines so far for Christmas Eve 2021.

The news in headlines

  • Another day with more than 8,500 thousand cases in Australia.
  • At 4 months the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine from January 4. End of the same month it will be given 3 months from the 2nd dose.
  • Sudden flight cancellations cancel out Christmas plans for thousands of travelers.
  • NSW records 5,612 new COVID cases and one death.
  • Victoria 2,095 new cases and 8 dead.
  • In Queensland the new incidents jumped to 589.
  • TheACT reports 102 new cases. Tasmania 27.
  • In Greece 6,667 new infections, while 71 patients lost their lives. Mandatory use of the mask indoors and outdoors returns. All Christmas events are canceled. Double mask in public transport.
  • Cyprus: One death and 978 new cases.
  • In the USA: The FDA approved the Merck antiviral pill for the treatment of Covid-19.
  • In Antikythera, a new shipwreck with at least four dead migrants - 90 people were found on the rocky islet that ran aground on the sailing boat they were aboard.
  • Search in an orphanage in Athens for sexual abuse of children, minor boys.
  • Another 12-year-old victim of the tragedy at Hilkrest School in Tasmania is being buried today.
  • 52-year-old Greek Australian found murdered among garbage in Adelaide.
  • China is sending police and riot gear to the Solomon Islands, where Australian aid is already available.
  • A small plane carrying two people crashed on a beach north of Mackay in Queensland, leaving one seriously injured.
  • Julian Assange's lawyers are appealing against his extradition to the United States.
  • An American strangled his neighbor's kangaroo to death, because earlier the animal attacked and injured his wife.
  • Western Australia will have a very hot Christmas,while storms are expected on the east coast.

This podcast is in Greek.

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