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Greek News Flash - Thursday 23.12.21

News Flash in Greek. Source: SBS Radio

The main news headlines so far, from Australia, Greece, Cyprus and the international arena.

** Shock number - 5,715 new cases of covid- 19 in NSW and one death.

** The total number of cases increased by 157% in one week in the state.

** Over 2000 new incidents in Victoria, which also recorded 10 deaths.

** Victoria invests 31 million in strengthening vaccination centers - indoor masks are mandatory again.

** Queensland reports 369 new cases - About 123 of Omicron variant.

** The ACT recorded 85 new cases.

** 26 in Tasmania.

** Labour leader requests booster shots to be given faster.

** No country can deal with the pandemic with booster vaccines, the WHO warns.

** The whole of Greece had fewer cases of coronavirus from NSW with 5,641 daily cases and 69 dead.

** Cyprus / Covid19: 65 years old dead and 883 new cases.

** UK sets COVID-19 daily record, exceeds 100,000 for the first time

** In the US the FDA approved Pfizer Pill for Covid for Emergency Use - It is the first coronavirus treatment that can be given to patients at home.

** Up to 45% lower risk of hospitalization from Omicron Mutation according to new research

** US intelligence says $ 100 billion stolen from COVID-19 aid funds.

** Deadly shipwreck with immigrants in Folegandros.

** Turkish pilots will be trained in the French-made Rafale aircraft of Qatar, the exact same jets that Greece has acquired.

** Averof Neophytou officially announced his candidacy for the Presidential elections ’23 in the Republic of Cyprus.

** Marble statue almost one meter high dating back to imperial times found in Veroia, Greece.

** All front-line police officers in Victoria will be equipped with a teaser.

** Man dead after knife attack in Sydney.

** Zane Mellor, one of the 6 victims of the inflatable castle in Tasmania, was buried a week after the tragedy. Two other children who are being treated came out of the intensive care unit today.

** The "oldest woman in the world" died in China at the age of 135!

** Warning for severe storms on the Central coast of NSW. 

** Antetokunbo, Sakkari and national men's polo team were awarded as top athletes of the year in Greece.

This podcast is in Greek.

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