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Hindu organisation urges people to take a 'day off' on Diwali

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Adelaide-based Indian-Australian Hindu organisation is urging people to take a day off on Diwali day to celebrate it with family and friends.

In a multicultural Australia fitting in is just as important as not forgetting one's own cultural and religious values.

The Hindu Council of Australia's South Australia chapter, on these lines, is urging people to take a day off on Diwali day in Australia to pass the culture and message on to the next generation.

"It is important for us to pass on the message of love, sharing, peace and prosperity to the next generation of Indian Australians," says Viral Jani, a public officer with Hindu Council Australia’s (HCA) South Australia chapter.

HCA is running a campaign in Adelaide and asking people to not miss Diwali or Deepavali and take a day off and celebrate it with loved ones.

“Let your kids know the beauty of Deepavali. The story of victory of light over darkness. The festivity adds to life. Involve them in making rangoli, decorating the house Deepavali Pooja," he says.

Diwali day off campaign by HCA

It is not for the first time Indian Australians are discussing taking a day off on Diwali day.

An Independent candidate for Senate in 2016, Mr Karthik Arasu told SBS Hindi, “I want workplaces to be friendly to the needs of multicultural communities, I stand for the ability to take an optional day off on your festival day.”

As per the 2016 census, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Australia.

Census 2016 also reveals that Hinduism has grown and almost 440,300 people in Australia or 1.9% of people in Australia identify themselves as Hindu.

More than 7 per cent population of Australia follows Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism combined.

Diwali day off campaign by HCA
SBS Hindi

Karthik says, “How can we ignore these people, there should be a provision for a paid day off on either Eid, Vaisakhi, Buddha’s Birthday/Chinese new year or Diwali.”

He argues, it will not only keep workers happy but also improve productivity by a valued worker.  

Besides asking Hindus to take a day off on Diwali day, the HCA, South Australia has also organised a Diwali lights competition.

Mr Jani Viral says, “Decorate your house from outside with Diwali lights and click some photos around dusk. We prefer that family member(s) are there in the photos but it’s not necessary.”

"Participants can post those photos on Facebook page at @DiwaliFestivalAdelaide. Entries will close on 11th November 2018."

Diwali day off campaign by HCA

Viral Jani says, “The best 3 entries will get cash prizes and gift cards." 

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