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How a nurse lost 13 kilos amid the pandemic with the help of an online fitness program

How a nurse lost 13 kilos amid the pandemic with the help of an online fitness program Source: Bjorn Santos

Registered nurse Aaron Bem went from 80 kilos down to 67 kilos within 4 months. A weight goal he thought he could never achieve.

Nurses are the role models for their patients but research says more than 50 per cent of nurses are either overweight or obese.

Mr Aaron Bem, a Melbourne-based nurse admits that he used to live a sedentary life before achieving his ideal weight and the only time he is active is when he is doing the rounds as a ward nurse.

“I started focusing on my health in June while Melbourne was on lockdown. In my old lifestyle, I just work, eat and maybe drink a couple of beers. I am also into online games so I am in front of the computer for a long time.”

But Mr Bem says after struggling to fall pregnant with his wife, he realised he needed a positive change.

“We’re struggling to fall pregnant so I thought maybe our health is the reason. So I pushed myself to be healthy again.” 

Aaron and his wife
Aaron and his wife
Aaron Bem

Virtual fitness sessions 

In the hopes of changing the course of his life, Mr Bem stumbled upon a fellow nurse who is also an online fitness coach.

“I messaged Bjorn Santos of Los Santos work out and asked him about his exercise programs. I started training with him online and he introduced me to body weights training and calisthenics.”

Mr Bem says he enjoyed the training so much that he even invested on building monkey bars in his backyard.

Aaron Bem/Bjorn Santos
Aaron Bem/Bjorn Santos

Mr Bem says with the help of his online fitness coach, he was able to see a big change in his health.

“Before, I used to finish 5 to 6 cups of rice every meal. But when I started to change my diet, I was able to gradually decrease it to 1 or half cup of rice.”

He also confessed to being so into sugar that he puts 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar in his coffee a day. Now, he enjoys a cup of black coffee.

Mr Bem shares that he also learned the importance of proper eating by feeding his body with the right nutrients.

“I eat a lot but I eat healthy. I didn’t have any food withdrawal at all. I used alternative food instead. Like for example, I cut down on my rice but I have increased my vegetable intake.”

He works out five days a week in the comfort of his home without the need of going to the gym. This involves a 1-hour online coach session twice a week and 3 days of 1-hour jogging or walking.

“It's a mix of strength and cardio exercise. You don’t need any equipment. Its just basic exercises like push up and pull-up.”

Mr Bem believes that hiring a fitness coach is important because they help in pushing and inspiring people like him to achieve their health goals.

A healthy nurse ready to serve the community 

Mr Bem says his renewed mind about health definitely benefitted him as a nurse.

“As a nurse, you need to be physically fit and you have to practice what you preach. How can my patients follow my advise if I can't apply it to myself.”

He is a strong believer that consistency is the key to a successful weight loss.

“Be consistent. You should love what you do. You should also enjoy the work out that you do so you can sustain it. Most of all, focus on your goal.”

After a successful weight loss, Mr Bem is more inspired to serve the community.


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