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How do you become one of Australia's richest young people?

CEO and co-founder of Deputy, Ashik Ahmed, is now worth $148 million Source: SBS

The Australian Financial Review's annual Young Rich List is out and, apart from meeting the age criteria for 'young', which is under 40, you have to be worth a lot of money.

And it helps if you work in technology.

When Frank Senior Restuccia and his wife Nina moved to Australia from Italy after World War 2, they focused on their trades to ensure financial security.

Nina as a hairdresser; Frank, a plumber.

Both are now over the age of 70 and choose to still work today.

But they didn't make any rich list.

It's their 39 year old son, also named Frank, who's on the 2019 Young Rich list.

They're both beaming with pride.

Frank is ranked at number 60, worth 53 million dollars.

His co-founder, Fred Schebesta, is at number 22 on the list - worth 193-million dollars.

Also in technology is Ashik Ahmed, who moved to Australia from Bangladesh when he was 17.

But it was his interest in maths and science, along with a chance meeting with his co-founder, which led to the creation of a workforce management system 11 years later, called Deputy.

It helps business-owners roster and pay their employees.

With clients like Qantas and NASA, it's little wonder the 38 year old is ranked at number 25, worth 148-million dollars.

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