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HSC all-round achiever puts high score down to 'self-learning' and 'no distractions'

Ibrahim Quadri Syed Shah attained 99.7 ATAR in all subjects of HSC. Source: Imran Quadri

Sydney's Ibrahim Quadri, who achieved an ATAR of 99.70 and a place on the 2021 All-round Achievers list in NSW, says learning during lockdown was tough but taught him valuable time management skills.

Indian Australian student Ibrahim Quadri has scored an amazing 99.70 in this year’s Higher School Certificate exams.  

The high-achiever from Al-Faisal College, Auburn in Sydney, New South Wales, joins many other Urdu-speaking Australian students who performed well despite the many obstacles posed by two years of pandemic.


  • Ibrahim Quadri is among 1,476 NSW students who were recognised on the All Round Achievers list of HSC results this year
  • 'Pandemic was challenging but provided the opportunity of self-learning': Ibrahim
  • Ibrahim's parents are overjoyed with their son's result, but say they never put pressure on their children

Ibrahim was one of 1,476 NSW students who were recognised on the All Round Achievers list, which is awarded to who students achieved a result in the highest band possible in 10 or more units of courses, and the community is astronomically proud of his achievement.

Ibrahim said that learning from home suited him well.

“Lockdown benefitted me because I didn’t have to travel and there were no parties so I had more time to myself to focus on my studies,” he said.

Ibrahim told SBS Urdu that lockdown gave him an opportunity to collaborate virtually with his classmates even if they couldn’t be together in person.

"We practiced exam papers in the morning individually and joined together for a follow-up online discussion at 5pm daily to discuss the answers," he said. 

I had a study group that kept the collaboration going virtually and it was really helpful

Ibrahim said his favourite subjects are mathematics, physics and chemistry, and he is looking forward to pursuing future studies in these areas.

Ibrahim Quadri is HSC High achiever
Ibrahim subjects include Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Imran Quadri

According to NSW Education Standard Authority data, 66,710 students across NSW got their HSC results with nearly 76,400 students studying one or more HSC courses this year. 

There were a total of 110 written exams, which took a combined total of 350 hours. Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell tweeted that it was a momentous day for school leavers, who have achieved outstanding results on par with previous years.

Ibrahim's HSC result didn’t come as a surprise to his family.

“I am glad that children today are far more informed than their parents are,” said Imran Quadri, Ibrahim's father, adding that his son was "relentless" in his schoolwork. 

Ibrahim is determined to look ahead and has three pieces of advice for future students. 

Time and stress management, priority setting, and balancing life and study are the keys to success in the HSC

Ibrahim also recommends practising past exam papers that are freely available for each course, along with marking guidelines and HSC marking feedback. 

His parents say they are overjoyed with Ibrahim's exceptional academic and Islamic results at Al Faisal college, which he achieved without any tutoring.

"He is our eldest son and a perfect role model not only for his two younger brothers but also for his extended family and friends," his mother added.

In addition to his studies, Ibrahim is an active member and presenter of the Islamic youth organisation and loves swimming, playing cricket and tennis.

We are blessed to be the parents of Ibrahim as he reflects our efforts in his educational outcomes, religious values and modest behaviour

Ibrahim's mother added, "As parents we never pressure our children to achieve a high ATAR or to focus excessively on their studies, though that kind of behaviour is common in the Indian subcontinent."

Justine Dandy, Associate Professor in Psychology at the School of Arts and Humanities at Edith Cowan University, has conducted research on the academic performance of first and second generation migrant children.

Based on her research in Australia and overseas, she said it is not necessarily the case that migrant parents want their children to perform better than their local peers.

Instead, many parents want their children to have better jobs than they have themselves, as often migrants are under-employed or overqualified for the jobs they are employed in. 


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