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Humara Neta Kaisa Ho: How important is housing affordability for Indian Australians?

Federal Election 2022 Source: Getty Images/Veronaa

SBS Election Exchange held in Sydney recently was attended by members of the Indian Australian community who spoke about their expectations for the incoming federal government. This second episode of a five-part 'Humara Neta Kaisa Ho' series explores why housing affordability is a key issue for the community during this election.

'Humara Neta Kaisa Ho!' meaning, 'How should our leader be?' has been the typical election call in India for ages. The Indian community got together at the SBS Election Exchange and shared their view regarding many key issues. 

Praful Jethwa is an active member of the Indian religious and cultural scene in Sydney. He is also a real estate agent. 

Praful Jethwa at SBS Election Exchange
Praful Jethwa speaks to SBS Hindi at SBS Election Exchange.

He says he would look at many issues during the selection process for new leadership, but housing affordability is one of his top priorities.

"The new leadership should be good at fiscal management. It would also need to keep the interest rate under control to make housing affordable for most members of the society," he says.

He feels the current government has proven itself on both accounts.

Dhiraj Pandey is a Labor party member. He opines differently. 

"Legally speaking, in the current market, a buyer or the renter has always been the loser. The incoming regime needs to address this problem," he says.

Dhiraj Pandey at SBS Election Exchange.
Dhiraj Pandey at SBS Election Exchange.

Taufeeq Ahmed is a writer, director, actor, and full-time professional. 

Taufeeq Ahmed at SBS Election Exchange.
Taufeeq Ahmed speaks to SBS Hindi at SBS Election Exchange.

He says, "For migrants, the journey from a rental to own house is longer than an average Australian. We need a leadership that invests in filling this gap." 

Taufeeq also feels that post-COVID, the new government should further the cultural and arts exchange, especially with India.

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