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Humara Neta Kaisa Ho: Indian Australian voters with education and international students in mind

International students are a huge part of the Indian community. Source: AAP

In this fourth episode of the five-part 'Humara Neta Kaisa Ho' series, various candidates from different parties share their viewpoints on the education and challenges faced by international students in Australia. SBS Hindi discusses those vital issues at the Election Exchange which was recently held in Sydney.

We are on the verge of this year's federal election which will take place tomorrow. And recently, SBS Election Exchange provided a forum for Indian Australian voters to voice their opinions on a range of issues.

SBS Hindi asked the community members 'Humara Neta Kaisa Ho?', meaning 'How should our leader be?'

Sydney-based Rekha Rajvanshi is an educator, a writer, and a cultural activist. For her, the leader of the country needs to be committed to the cause of education. 

"Teachers have suffered for a long time, and our concerns have not been addressed. My vote will go to the party who promises to better the conditions for teachers." 

Rekha Rajvanshi in conversation with SBS Hindi.
Rekha Rajvanshi in conversation with SBS Hindi.

She feels international students need special attention after the past two stressful years. 

"These students have suffered. They as well as their families need easier communication and travel policies. Students' employability is also a concern." 

Gary Patni is an active New South Wales politician. He has also been associated with the Liberal party. 

For him, international students are a big opportunity to capitalize on the cultural exchange. 

Gary patni at SBS Elextion Exchange.
Gary Patni at SBS Elextion Exchange.

He says, "During the pandemic, creative arts is one field that kept people going in isolation. I think it is the time when we promote cross-cultural films and employment in this industry through these students."

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