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Humara Neta Kaisa Ho: Indian Australians voice their concerns on key election issues

Members of the Indian community with the SBS Hindi team at SBS Election Exchange. Source: SBS

SBS Election Exchange in Sydney brought together Indian community members to discuss their expectations from the new federal government. In this five-part 'Humara Neta Kaisa Ho' series, we examine the issues that matter most to the Indian Australian community during this election.

The federal election of this year is just right around the corner. And recently, SBS Election Exchange provided a forum for Indian Australian voters to voice their opinions on a range of issues.

SBS Hindi asked the community members 'Humara Neta Kaisa Ho?', meaning 'How should our leader be?

Nim Gholkar is a career counselor and a social media influencer. 

For her, the leader of the country needs to be committed to the cause of education. 

"There lies a gap between the private and public schools. The incoming government needs to understand this." 

Nim Gholkar at the SBS Election Exchange.
Nim Gholkar at the SBS Election Exchange.

Ash Gholkar established the South Asian Arts, Films, and Literature Festival. He is a vital thread of the Indian cultural fabric in Australia. 

He says, "The government has already put in place a lot of policies for cultural development, but there is not enough awareness about them."

For him, the right leader isn't someone who has had a history of success, but one who is also capable of adapting to future changes. 

Sydney-based Arunesh Seth is a long-term Labor member who thinks it is time for a change. 

Arunesh Seth at SBS Election Exchange.
Arunesh Seth at SBS Election Exchange.

He feels Labor will be able to deliver better on the key issues like immigration affairs, international students' welfare and cultural assimilation for the Indian community in Australia. 

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