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“I don’t regret moving to Australia,” says singer and mimicry artist Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma Source: Vikas Sharma

Vikas feels it is time for Indian-Australian talent to connect and social media can play a big role in highlighting peoples talent.

Vikas Sharma migrated to Australia from Karnal, a small town in the state of Haryana, India.

He came to pursue a Masters of Professional Accounting in November 2005.

In May 2008, Vikas became a Permanent Resident of Australia.

Looking back at his decision to migrate, Vikas says “I don’t regret moving to Australia. It has been a learning experience.”

Life in Australia has been a rewarding one in the last 10 years for Vikas.

“I now work as a Senior Accountant in Public Practice Accounting. But my love for music and comedy is still there due to which I started my own Facebook page as an Entertainer as a recommendation from my wife,” he further adds.

Singing and Comedy has always been something that Vikas loved to do.

He says - “in a sense it completes me as a person. Even though I only sang in school, I still loved to impersonate Bollywood celebrities, some Hollywood icons and as a matter of fact anyone I found funny or interesting including street hawkers in India.”

However, Vikas feels that the scene for Bollywood singing or mimicry/stand-up comedy in Hindi is quite limited in Australia.

In addition to this, work and family commitments have made it a little harder for Vikas to go out and showcase his skills.

Vikas says – “Given a chance I am sure I won’t disappoint.”

In mimicry, Raju Shrivastav has been an inspiration for him.

Vikas adds - “I love Kapil Sharma too!”

While, in singing Vikas says - “I love them all! From Jagjit Singh to Arijit Singh.”

As a budding artist, Vikas firmly believe in two things – “Firstly, if you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that. And secondly, no critic has ever changed the world, so don’t listen to the ones who put you down, those people are never as talented as you to begin with”

Vikas feels it is time for Indian-Australian talent to connect and social media can play a big role in highlighting people’s talent.

“My message to everyone is never by shy in doing something which completes you or otherwise you would it regret it one day,” says Vikas.

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