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In conversation: The new Hinterlandt CD - Ode to doubt

L to R Susie Bishop, Jochen Gutsch, Nicole Smede, Brian Campeau, Simeon Johnson, Natalya Bing Source: Hinterlandt

Jochen Gutsch calls the genre indie classic. It is conceptual, miraculously ethereal music that can put you into dreamy realms. Styles of pop, jazz and electronic flow into the 40-minute piece of music in 7 parts, which was composted, arranged and recorded by my conversation partner Jochen Gutsch, who also gave us permission to play his music in this podcast. On Thursday, March 23rd, the 6 musicians in the ensemble start their mini tour in the Django Bar in Marrickville, then they play in Wollongong, Bellingen, Newcastle and Berrima to finish again in Sydney, in the Golden Age Cinema. Information, music and a video can be found at