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Indian artist brings unique calligraphy exhibition to Australia

Swarna- The Golden age

"It takes an artistic eye to see beyond the words and bring the personality of the alphabet on a medium”, says Manisha Nayak – a calligraphy artist.

Trained in Commercial Arts from Mumbai India,  Manisha Nayak started her career as a graphic designer with an advertising agency.

It was a bit later, she discovered a passion for calligraphy and today, she is one of the finest calligraphic artists in India. 

Ms Nayak has exhibited her work in various parts of India and also conducts workshops.

Swarna- The Golden age
Swarna- The Golden age
Manisha Nayak

Her present work Swärna – The Golden Age, a 3D calligraphy Art Exhibition is currently being showcased in Melbourne.

She says her latest exhibition celebrates the Indian alphabet.

"India is a country with ancient and varied languages. These languages have their unique scripts too, hence it’s like an ancient golden culture," she told SBS Hindi.

“I wanted to showcase this culture through my art. I decided to work on it through different dimensions and media. So that's where the inspiration for Swarna - The Golden Age came from.”

Manisha Nayak - Calligraphy Artist
Manisha Nayak - Calligraphy Artist
Manisha Nayak

She has worked with a 3-dimensional media to showcase her 57 artworks in the form of calligraphy in Golden colour.

Most of her exhibited work is in Devanagari, a script used for various languages like Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi, Nepali, Konkani, etc. 

Swarna- The Golden age
Swarna- The Golden age
Manisha Nayak

"When a line curves and angles and I create an alphabet, there is a riot of emotions. Alphabets have personality. Some alphabets are brash, some are demure; some are angry while some are pleasing to the eye," she says.

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