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Indian-Australian mum writes storybook about science

Grishma Buch Dholakia is a young mother who loves science. Source: Supplied by Grishma Dholakia

Most children have deep interest in stories but the same cannot be said about their fascination for science. In 'Learn Physics with Tim & Kim - A unique approach to understand physics', Melbourne’s Grishma Buch Dholakia attempts to spark their interest in physics through storytelling.

Parents and teachers often feel challenged when it comes to igniting interest in children’s minds about the principles of science. But Grishma Buch Dholakia, a postgraduate in nuclear physics and a young mother, makes it fun and easy through story-telling.

During the long 2020 lockdown of Melbourne, she wrote and published a book Learn Physics with Tim & Kim - A unique approach to understand physics.


  • Grishma Buch Dholakia, from Melbourne’s Gujarati community, has written a kids’ storybook to make physics easy and interesting
  • Ms Dholakia has a masters degree in nuclear physics and wrote the book during lockdown
  • Interactive techniques and easy experiments can hold kids’ attention for longer, she says

The book explores concepts of physics through the eyes of a brother-sister duo, Tim and Kim. A passion project for Ms Dholakia, the book is targeted at children aged between seven and 12.

“We could explain Newton's Third Law of Physics to kids using the simple and familiar example of a trampoline. As the law states, when two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude but in opposite directions.

Especially while teaching science, it is vital to ensure children understand the core fundamentals and laws.

Grishma Buch Dholakia with her book.
Grishma Buch Dholakia with her book.
Supplied by Grishma Buch Dholakia

“Thus, when Tim jumps on a trampoline and puts pressure on it, he goes higher than Kim, who jumps with a little less pressure,” Ms Dholakia explains.

This first-time author has called Melbourne home for seven years. A human resource professional and a zumba instructor in Australia, she has 10 years’ experience of working in the field of physics in India.

Tim and Kim go to fun places often visited by children, and that is when they come across situations that involve concepts of physics.

“The book suggests experiments that both parents and children can conduct together to understand these concepts in a fun and interactive way. The language used in the book is of an elementary level,” she says.

“Illustrations have been used in the book to make it attractive for young kids and that could help parents with low-to-no science background explain these concepts to their kids,” she adds.

“I think using interactive techniques and conducting easy experiments while teaching kids science can grab their attention for an extended period and help them understand concepts better,” she concludes.

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