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Indian-origin creatives working on dark comedy Terahvin

Terahvin team Source: Vaibhav Vats

Terahvin refers to the ceremony conducted to mark the final day of mourning after a death especially by North Indian Hindus.

A group of dynamic Indian-origin creatives under the guidance of Vaibhav Vats, Writer/Director/Producer,  are planning to create an Indian-Australian mini TV or Web series.

The series, titled Terahvin, refers to the ceremony conducted to mark the final day of mourning after a death by North Indian Hindus. 

Terahvin (meaning thirteen) is the ceremony held on the thirteenth day after the dead body is cremated.

Vaibhav Vats

Vaibhav Vats says “The story revolves around interesting characters who are attending the Terahvin of a young girl.”

“The story uses dark humour to showcase how some of us as individuals, have not only become superficial in the way we express and/or react to emotions, but also how as a society at large, we don't only appreciate but also cultivate this behaviour,” he adds.

The TV or Web series will use a colourful array of characters – not stereotypes – from the community who are attending this event.

Vaibhav notes that “My aim is to display varied behaviours and traits that while seeming socially acceptable can be insensitive and sometimes immoral.”

He adds swiftly that “Though set in the Australian Indian community it is a story that cuts across culture and highlights some parts of all modern societies.”

His team consists of bright talented people from Indian as well as other communities who are looking for opportunities in mainstream media in Australia.

Vaibhav says “We have been working hard and toiling on this project for more than 7 months and plan to finish the project by February 2018.”

“With runtime of about 50 minutes for the pilot, our main aim is to pitch this as a series concept to the nation public television networks in Australia and major web streaming services. And also submit it as a standalone mid-length feature to various festivals,” adds Vaibhav.

But is it easy to make an independent TV or Web series in Australia especially with an Indian content?

Vaibhav says the journey is not easy and therefore they decided to go with crowd-funding as an additional option to cover the budget.

“Once we have hit that crowdfunding milestone, we aim to further develop the series, exploring the back-story of each of the characters, which has led to them to this event,” he adds.

Vaibhav is passionate about storytelling.

He says “It is my passion – I am not a trained filmmaker but filmmaking is how I found a way tell the stories I wanted to. Ever since picking up the camera five years ago, I have attempted to tell the tale of human feelings, emotions, and behaviour. People are my favourite subjects and character-driven drama is my choice genre. My short films have gained recognition and awards at various film festivals in Australia, UK, and India and I hope to extend this success to Tehravin.”

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Vaibhav says that his goal through Tehravin is to take his audience through an experience of how all of us as human beings, at some stage in life, have responded to or reacted to situations in ways similar to the characters in the film.

“You know such behaviour would be perceived as insensitive or immoral, if only had we been on the receiving end of it. I hope the audience can feel or see a shade of themselves in one (or many) of the characters as they interact throughout the story,” he adds.

Vaibhav says that people interested in making a debut in any capacity can directly contact him and he is looking forward to work as a team.

“There is no doubt that each dollar or help we will get in Terahvin will help us realise our dream and help the world with a laugh or two,” he adds.

To know more about Terhavin, listen to Amit Sarwal’s conversation with Sydney-based filmmaker Vaibhav Vats.

Vaibhav Vats
Vaibhav Vats
Vaibhav Vats

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