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Indian-origin nurse will continue family’s fight to stay in Australia

The Manuel Family Source: Deepak Mnauel

Deepak Manuel, the 32-year-old Indian-origin nurse from Wollongong, says he will continue his familys fight to stay in Australia.

Deepak Manuel, a 32-year-old Indian-origin nurse at a Wollongong hospital in New South Wales, says he will continue his family’s fight to stay in Australia.

Deepak and his wife, Ancy, are in the process of packing up his young family to leave Australia.

Deepak says this move to New Zealand is just for the time being as he “didn’t want to keep his family in a limbo.”

Deepak’s application for Permanent Residency was rejected for the second time by DIBP because of his son’s medical condition.

‘’After the first rejection I decided to reapply under the Employer Nomination Scheme as the hospital agreed to sponsor me,” says Deepak.

He also opted for a health waiver for his son as he doesn’t require any major medical treatment and pledged to pay if he ever does in future.


Savio, 5-year-old, was born with microcephaly. This means the brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller than normal head.

Deepak’s GP says Savio has a mild to moderate developmental delay.

His colleagues say he has been treated unfairly because of his son’s medical condition.

His colleagues respect him for his dedication to Illawarra’s public patients.

Deepak migrated to New Zealand in 2009 and gained permanent residency there.

In 2012, the family decided to move to.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection said Deepak has the option of seeking a review of the decision or applying for a further subclass 457 visa or returning to New Zealand.

‘’Savio started Kindergarten this year at Fairy Meadow Demonstration School and we are so happy with his progress,’’ he said. ‘’To have to move him now is devastating.’’

A spokeswoman for Cunningham MP Sharon Bird, the local MP, said that they are doing all in their power to help Deepak.

On learning about Deepak’s plight from SBS Hindi, National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA), a peek body helping people with disability in the CaLD/ NESB community has shown interest in the case. 

For more details about this case, listen to Amit Sarwal’s exclusive interview with Deepak Manuel.